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specializing in reading and writing for all ages
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“Reading is the single most important skill you can invest in for your child.” -Angela Landis
Angela Landis
Wilson dyslexia specialist
& academic tutor
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Angela was a dual major in anthropology and psychology at Temple University. She homeschooled her two children for fifteen years, and continues to teach others, both at Fireside and other settings. She is passionate about her work as a certified Wilson dyslexia tutor and reading specialist. She is also as an English tutor for a foundation designed to empower young women high school basketball players from inner city Philadelphia as they pursue college and careers; and an academic tutor for Bethany Christian Ministries working with refugee teens from Afghanistan. 

academic tutoring

Tutoring offers an individual learning experience that allows students to make progress in the classroom by reviewing skills until mastery is gained. Tutoring can improve grades and a student’s attitude toward learning, as well as, increase their self-esteem and confidence. Fireside Academy Tutoring Services specializes in reading and writing for all ages and offers aid advanced English and social science disciplines.

Dyslexia Tutoring

Dyslexia is a learning disability that challenges a person’s ability to read, write and spell. Yet with instruction through a program such as the Wilson Reading System your child can get the help most schools are ill equipped to give. Angela Landis, certified Wilson Dyslexia specialist, offers in-person and online options to help your child develop the skills needed to experience academic success. Screening services for dyslexia are also available.

College & Future Planning

Does your student try hard and still suffer poor results? Many students need help to develop the executive function skills needed for academic success. Fireside Tutoring offers classes to help students learn valuable techniques such as:

  • Study Skills
  • Ways to improve organization & memory
  • Advanced note-taking & test taking optimization
  • College course advising

Sessions offered to help match interests and skills to college goals, high school planning to ensure admission requirements are met.

Specializing in college application preparation, including the application essay. Sessions available to aid college students in planning to meet college program requirements.