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Roberto and Tricia, Chef and Event Coordinator & Sales
Presentations are sometimes part of the requirements for some of our classes. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience this skill of speaking and presenting to a group of peers.

Our classes support the home education program through classroom experiences, giving both a framework as well as outside accountability and mentoring. Often when homeschooled children reach middle school, they will wish to pursue subject matter that is difficult or foreign to the parent teacher. Many high school diploma programs require courses which some parents feel uncomfortable teaching on their own. Our classes help meet these needs for families by bridging any gaps in the home education program, while offering the benefits of a small-sized classroom experience for students.

COST of CLASSES: Our classes require a tuition and materials fee for the year, and most only average out to between $3 - $7 per week. This is quite inexpensive compared to most weekly dance, music, or gymnastics lessons at a typical studio or facility. For individual course fees, please view our current class catalogue below. For our financial policy, please view our Registration packet. View our current schedule to see when each class is offered.