membership has its benefits

academic, social, events, field trips... you get it all!

Fireside Academy's classes meet in Allentown, Pennsylvania on Tuesdays for thirty weeks, from September to May, with intermittent breaks. We offer a variety of academic and enrichment courses in a supportive environment for families. Our weekly classes serve to create a community that encourages children to love learning while providing opportunities for academic excellence and achievement.

A full membership ($75, plus volunteer commitment) is necessary for those families wishing to take advantage of our classes. A full membership allows participation in many exclusive Fireside activities such as field trips, workshops, organized social events, and teen events. We do not offer a "social membership only" option.

the sense of community and bonding at fireside is priceless

We assist families by offering weekly classes taught by specialists in each field, who are usually homeschooling parents as well. By pooling our resources, we are able to offer a rich diversity of expertise that helps families build upon their own knowledge and abilities by providing broader educational experiences.

We have members-only events for parents, as well, that will include instructional seminars, small group gatherings, and parents night outs. We also offer special events for homeschooled students such as educational fairs, picnics, and teen dances.

If Fireside has already started the current sessions of classes for the year and you missed registration for that year, there is still a possibility that you may join. Please contact us and let us know!