Community Begins with Cooperation


Volunteering is a great way for parents to get involved and build their own homeschooling connections and friendships with each other. It is not only our children that benefit from being at Fireside! When we pool our efforts, we are able to operate a smoothly flowing experience, and offer greater opportunities outside of class days. As such, each family is responsible to fulfill a volunteer commitment to the community. There is a huge diversity of volunteer jobs, so that finding one that works for your family and schedule should not be difficult.

We provide a list of volunteer requirements and the escrow program that we ask each parent to read and commit to for the academic year. Your registration will not be processed until you have registered for your volunteer duties and/or submitted both escrow checks. Volunteer sign-ups occur during the summer, either through email or over the phone with our Volunteer Coordinator. For complete information about our wonderful volunteer program, please download and view the Volunteer Requirements in our Registration packet.